I’m Moving On

It’s been grand here CAGGERS, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things…My new site is located a http://www.cagreinvented.com. See you there!


‘Black’ to the Basics

Yes I know it’s a Sunday and my posting on a weekend is unheard of;  however, this is a special occasion.  Tomorrow I begin my infamous 7 day LBD challenge where I will pursue a seemingly insurmountable quest (shot off to my bff BD for that frightfully relevant phrase!)  Since I will hit the ground running with my little black dress adorned in decor, I figured it might be helpful if I posted the original plain garment to provide some prospective on how much work I have to put in for the rest of the week.

Below I have placed a gallery of three pics.  (Click on pics to make them longer) I purchased the dress sometime last winter transitioning to spring at none other than Ross! Honestly I can’t remember the last time I wore this dress but immediately thought of it as I decided to embark upon this overzealous challenge.  As you can see it does not have any buttons in the front or back; thus I am at a disadvantage to my counterpart LBD diva because she can wear her dress several different ways without any extra accessories.  However, this is only a 7 day challenge so I should be okay.

I’m off to get some much needed rest because this week is going to be quite draining.  However, I’m both excited and quite anxious to get it over with immediately.  LOL Catch ya later!

P.S. I know wearing the dress for this ‘mini-shoot’ doesn’t count for Day 1, but damnit I wish it did!

The Challenge Defined

The people have spoken and it’s clear I have many enemies in the world.  Lol 65% 75% 80% of poll respondents have decided my fate for the LBD Challenge and verdict says I must proceed with it next week.  Arrrrgh….I’ve thought of plenty of ways to try to get out of it, but to avoid the risk of looking like a complete punk that lacks journalistic integrity I have opted to proceed with my original promise.  However, I realize I have not really explained the rules of engagement for this venture so here are the details.

Background a.k.a My Inspiration

Cut Straight from the website…Starting May 2009, Sheena (my new friend in my head) pledged to wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Here’s how it works: There are 7 identical dresses, one for each day of the week. Every day I will reinvent the dress with layers, accessories and all kinds of accouterments, the majority of which will be vintage, hand-made, or hand-me-down goodies. Think of it as wearing a daily uniform with enough creative license to make it look like I just crawled out of the Marquis de Sade’s boudoir. The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums.

So there’s the story…Here’s my spin on the challenge.

 Dual of the LBD’s 

For the next week (7days) I will also wear the same black dress and decorate it with accessories including other clothes, jewelry, shoes, and over the top makeup! (ßNot too over the top…I still do work in Corporate America) I have limited myself to $50 to buy any additional necessities (e.g. socks, bowties, fake lashes..lol) that I need to complete the ensemble.  However, these ‘necessities’ must NOT include shoes or clothes.  (Shoot me now)  Every day I will post a picture of the outfit I wear for the day and the outfit that Sheena wears.  I will include a poll within each post to see which outfit people think is more stylish and creative.  If Sheena wins for the day, I will donate $20 to her cause.  If I am the fan favorite, then I will donate $10 to her cause.  I will leave the polls open all week until midnight of the final day.  At that time I will tally up each day’s score and in turn donate the money to The Uniform Project.  Therefore, they can earn between $70 and $140 from me, but you could always feel free to donate at any time using the following link: http://www.theuniformproject.com/home/donate.html I would love to donate more but this girl here is taxed for funds these days.  However, I’m really digging this cause and think it’s an ingenious idea so I’m trying to bring awareness and do my part to help.

Many people have been asking me how I plan on cleaning this dress since I only have one.  To that I’ll say, No worries I have it under control! (Secretly I have a lot to figure out… LOL) But wish me luck.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next Monday when the square off between black dress divas begin.  Until then…


I Challenge You CAG!

I Challenge You CAG!

We Have A Problem Houston: My LBD Dilemma

Well this is a first…I’m actually writing this post from my blackberry as my professor is saying a plethora of what sounds like bad sex talk that stems from his heavy Russian accent. My apologies for any mispellings, grammatical errors, and/or run on sentences. I’m crippled by the fact that have no access to MS Word and being forced to listen to senseless ramblings from the KGB! Lmao jk…But seriously I’m a bit frustrated right now. It seems like my Little Black Dress (LBD) challenge, which I have yet to explain fully, may be a on the more impossible side with the way the next week is shaping up for me. Here’s my dilemma and I need your help with resolving them ASAP!

1. I only have ONE BLACK DRESS. The young lady that I received my inspiration actually has SEVEN! Grant it she has 365 days to wear the same thing with some additives while I only have 7 days but still! She can get hers cleaned because she has duplicates I can’t! Yeah this is huge.

2. I was planning on going on an ‘accessories spree’ but I was reminded that would defeat the purpose of my pledge to support this philanthropic effort that is helping poor kids in India that can’t even get books! So need help with coming up with ideas for accessories. I have shoes but everything else…yeah my collection is really shady.

3. And finally! Professor Keyser Soze (for all my Usual Suspects fans) just randomly select my group to turn in a 10 Page Paper AND give a presentation! Total Douchebag Move! While the dress can be ‘made appropriate’ for my business casual work environment however I worry that it will not be appropriate for a formal presentation. Seriously…why me?!


4. As I look at the calendar (a day after I initially wrote this post) I realize that next week is my college’s homecoming.   It’s hard to describe the escalated seriousness of this newly realized fact unless you went to a college like mine.  Homecoming marks a time when you HAVE to look your best because you see the old boyfriends that broke your heart in the past and your phony college girlfriends that brag about their newfound ‘fortunes’ in rich husbands and children.   Yes I know I should’nt care about what people think, but there’s nothing wrong with influencing their thoughts by looking drop dead fabulous!  Is that a crime?  With these newly admissible evidence should I put this challenge on hold or should I step up to it just to show the world I can look good in a seven day worn dress??!!  POLL ADDED AND COMMENTS REQUESTED!


At this point I don’t want to do. I’m stuck! Any suggestions you have at this time would be greatly appreciated…Comment Away!

Okay my teacher is looking at me like I’m nuts so I have to go. However I just want to send out another S.O.S to all my Caggers out there…Please save my reputation by offering some much needed advice. Until next time…

Back At It!: Finally Out of Hiding

I have no excuse for the transgressions I’ve committed over the past month. No, I did not tell a plethora of lies nor have a slept with a married man. However, the fact that I have not written a post in almost over a month is deplorable and inexcusable. Therefore, I’m using this as a forum to ask for your forgiveness as if you are a priest in confessional and hope you can rejoin me in my journey to greatness; definition of greatness to be determined. With that being said lets not harp on my journalistic inequities like a bitter woman that finally realized the man she was with for ten years really wasn’t going to marry her because he just married the significantly younger woman that he was only with for six months. (Random I know, but I’m trying to drive my point home…lol) Instead, let’s rejoice in the fact that I’m back and have lots of hilariousness and extra fabulousness to share going forward.

Before I move on with the latest updates I can not do so without paying tribute to my dedicated, supportive and oh so fantabulous Fab Fit Clique (FFC) ladies. I want to thank all of them again for participating in one/some/all of the events for Look Good Naked Month in August. Your continuous encouragement of correcting my tummy issues makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Hmmm….I think I want some chocolate chip cookies now..lol) Also, a huge thanks to my girl Mer aka Miss PRADAgy for not only teaching two bootcamps (she’s a fitness beast!), but for also bringing her extra sweet friends along for the ride. Perhaps I should’ve told her that I steal friends, especially ones like hers that are total keepers! Also, the verdict is still out on whom I’ve deemed to be the official ‘Fab Fit Chick’, but I haven’t forgotten. I still have a lot of footage to review (which I need to filter prior to posting in order to prevent future litigation). With that being said, let move on to the latest and greatest updates in my world. I wish that I could provide a more definitive updates on things I’ve accomplished since my last post, but unfortunately I cannot. I feel like my life is undergoing such a tremendous transition that if I tried to explain in all at once I would just confuse us both at once. However, I know you’re eagerly anticipating my month in review so here is my best shot at explaining the latest occurrences in my life:

  • Apparently I’m at an age when all my friends seem to be getting married. In this month alone, I was in two weddings and went to a third. Needless to say I’m a bit on the broke side, but it was all worth it to share in the special day of some of my closest girlfriends. However, apparently I’m a chronic ‘bouquet catcher’ because I caught the bride’s bouquet two weeks in a row. Needless I kindly ditched the third wedding reception prior to the bouquet toss because I got sick of being reminded that I am alone and no where near getting married. So much for superstitions and traditions.
  • I’ve created my own website. Yup! I finally did it! With some motivation from my friends and a really good template (lol), I managed to set up my own website, with my own domain, to be released within the next week or so. I’m really proud of this accomplishment because people pay really good money to have websites developed and I did it all on my own. However, if I could sell all the pairs of shoes in my closet to get enough money to have someone else to do it, I would do it in a heartbeat! LOL
  • I can’t really consider this an accomplishment just yet, but I plan on doing a photo shoot this weekend with a friend from college to expose my styling/makeup artistry skills. In addition, I’m in the process of trying to coerce my uncle into buying me a Nikon for Christmas to support my goal in being the stylist/makeup artist/photographer to the stars!! He’s not buying my pitch right now so I might be on my own with this one. However, if any of you out there are believers, please feel free to contact me and donate to my cause. Unfortunately it’s not tax deductible, but that fact that you are helping a struggling artist like myself should be more than an adequate amount of self-satisfaction (Smile)
  • My little black dress challenge –  I’m challenging myself to wearing the same black dress for an entire week (7 days!!) starting…hmm…let’s shoot for next week! (Start date pending) My friend sent me a CNN clip about a young lady that’s wearing the same black dress for 365 days in support of a charity for which she’s passionate. However, the cool thing is she’s able to accessorize this dress with jewelry and other items. I’m totally down for the cause and my 7 day ‘fashion fast’ will be used to bring awareness to her efforts and hopefully bring her additional donations. Secretly we’re friends in my head. LOL I’m going to save the details for later post, but you can feel free to read about her and her challenge here (www.theuniformproject.com)

Ok gals and gents, I must be off. I should’ve been spending the time I’m using to write this post on schoolwork, but honestly I’m tired of doing it. (Talk about motivation) However, I must bid you all adieu at this time because this professor actually counts participation and attendance. (Am I in elementary school again?) It feels great to be back and I’ll try my best not to be a deadbeat blogger in the future. As always, STAY FAB!

Trade a Shoe for a Daddy Issue

My apologies CAGGERS for being a delinquent blogger for the past week and a half.  The past few weeks have been a tumultuously emotional experience and I’m mentally drained.  I was prepared to discuss several topics including the past two FFC events (shot out to my fabu FFC crew!), my encounters with this hideous lilac nail polish (OPI has failed me), and my newest revelations about my life’s purpose (thank you Myer’s Briggs personality test).  However, within the last 24 hours I have spent about 95% of my ‘think-capacity’ on my relationship with my father and today I’m choosing to write about it.  

You may be wondering what this has to do with fashion, fitness, and/or self-image; all aspects of which this blog should represent.  I would think the same thing.  However, it wasn’t until last night that I realized the extent/impacts of the deep rooted issues associated with me and my dad’s troubled relationship.  Have I become overly obsessed with my outward appearance because I’m trying to overcompensate for my internal esteem issues stemming from me and my father’s volatile relationship?  Has years of my father being so critical of me in terms of education, appearance, and weight caused me to become overzealous with endless purchases of 4 inch+ stilettos and Ross dresses? Do daddy issues birth great fashionistas? 

Last night I informed one of my good friends that I was taking a trip to Jamaica to see my father.  That morning I received the troubling news that his wife was in intensive care and they aren’t sure if she is going to make it.  I realized that the news could’ve easily been about my father and that it was time to mend ties with him.  As I was talking to my friend, more like a brother, he commented that he was proud to me for finally taking the initiative to remedy the problems I have with my father.  Then he made a comment that I’ve can’t for the life of me get out of my head.  He said ‘A father holds the key to his daughter’s self-esteem’.  Even though I prepared to refute and argue his statement, I didn’t.  I sat back,  thought about it and then asked him to elaborate.  He went on to say that most women he knows that have good relationships with their fathers and have fathers that compliment them on a continuous basis don’t normally seek their ‘esteem’ from other places i.e. other men (and in my case clothes and shoes). 

After he said that I was speechless.  I was burning up on the inside because I wanted to yell at him and counter his statement with things like ‘Well all that creates is a spoiled brat!’.  I wanted to dispute the fact that I don’t need any man (or shoe) to validate my beauty, fashion sense, and overall ‘flyness’.  I wanted to tell him he had no clue about what he was saying! I wanted to get mad at him so much but I couldn’t! He was…He is….right. (Sigh)  I stayed up for a few hours after that just thinking about what we discussed and realized that perhaps, just perhaps my father has served as the major catalyst for creating this stylistic monster.

I’ve reviewed what I might say to my dad when we finally have the long-awaited ‘talk’. Should I yell at him for causing me years of esteem issues that have in turn negatively encouraged me to purchase an exorbitant amount clothing and footwear?  Should I tell him his lack of compliments in the past now drives me to get glammed up on a daily basis in order to receive continuous compliments from my coworkers, classmates, and friends?  Should I really hate him for creating what I’ve become?! HELL NO!  When I see him I’m going to run up to him, give him a big hug and kiss, and say ‘Thanks daddy for creating this glamorous fashion beast!  You are the reason I am the shit!’ LMAO… I know I speak in jest, but seriously I’m grown now.  It’s no need to continue to harbor any negative feelings towards my father anymore because what’s done is done.  Even though his issues with my mother may have negatively contributed to his ‘daddy skills’ I didn’t turn out to bad after all.  I like who I am and even though I’ve made a lot of mistakes which I could easily take the Dr. Phil show and route back to my daddy issues, I have no regrets about the past.  The issues I had with my father made me tough enough to achieve many of my goals in life.  However, the discussion we will have in the upcoming week will help me become vulnerable so that I can grow and move on.    

So! What should I wear?! This is a ‘new outfit-worthy’ occasion don’t you think? How about this t-shirt? LOL


Workplace Scarlett or Office Trendsetter?

TGIF People!

The weekend is finally here and I’m ready to break loose!  I have four more hours of employment servitude until I’m pardoned until next Monday. There is a God! (lol)  I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I have a lot to do within the next few hours.  However, this time I need YOUR help with something.  I know I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing fitness in the past few weeks, but now I would like to bring a little fashion into the mix. (Guys do not close this window!  Wait a damn minute!…lol)

Last week I updated my status on facebook and asked people how I could make a red dress acceptable for the workplace without looking like a the office slut! (lol)  Many of you advised me not to wear the dress, but me being the fearless fashionista that I am decided to go ahead and wear this super hot Calvin Kline red number with some uber cute BCBG peeps toe heels. (Click on photos below for larger view).  I toned down the makeup a lot and traded the fire engine red lipstick for a nude gloss.  I completed the look with some 60’s inspired soft waves in my hair that were very reminiscent of Billy Holiday/Dorothy Dandrige.    

I’m not going to lie; I was scared as hell when I entered the office.  I got a lot of stares, but received even more compliments.  Then it happened.  As I was speaking to one of the male managers, this hateful woman approached us and said ‘Why don’t you look nice.  I like the sexy secretary look you have going on there; Not that I’m saying you’re someone’s secretary’.  And what is if I was biatch?!  The manager that I was speaking with probably saw me getting angry and responded, ‘Actually I think she looks more like a jazz singer from the 60’s or event better. Betty Boop!’.  He probably didn’t even realize he saved that woman’s life! (lol)  

On that note I will leave you with two quick poll questions?  Did I take things too far by wearing that red dress?  Should I have spit on the lady for trying to embarrass me in front on one of the top manager’s at my firm? Depending on your responses I will react according…Even if it is over a week later. Have a wonderful weekend and see ya on Monday!  WAIT! DON’T FORGET TO RESPOND TO THE POLL! (lol) And feel free to leave additional comments. 🙂